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Lawn Seeding

All lawning is carried out using specialist machinery. These consist of a Stone burier, Rotary Power harrow and Self-propelled Blec Stonerake which remove stone, and level and cultivate the soil in preparation for seeding. They are followed by a Self-propelled Blec Cultipack Seeder which seeds and compacts the soil leaving a very high-quality finish.

Given the soil types and prevailing climate in the North-west, the installation of Land Drainage prior to lawning is generally recommended.
Lawning projects vary in size from 40m2 up to several Acres.

Lawn turf is also used on projects where an instant effect is required.
Wildflower meadows are prepared and sown in the same way. Acorn Landscapes only use Indigenous Irish Wildflower Seed supplied by Sandro Cafolla at Design by Nature or

Experts in Lawning, laying instant lawn turf, Wildflower Meadows and topdressing existing lawns.

Benefits Of Top Dressing Lawns

  • Drainage is improved

  • Helps control thatch

  • Lawn surface is smoothed

  • Soil is improved

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best method for planting grass seed?

    The team at Acorn Landscapes use top of the range machinery that is known globally for its proven seeding system. Seeding a new lawn with the aid of top class equipment ensures seed is spread accurately while keeping surface disturbance to a minimum.