Medium Sized Gardens

The majority of gardens designed and constructed by Acorn Landscapes fall into this category.
These are generally gardens between 0.25 and 1 acre in size and have great design potential. Dividing the garden into the following specific areas all becomes possible when the space allows:

  • sunken seating areas

  • raised patios and paved areas

  • Shrub beds with ornamental planting

  • Specimen tree planting

  • Native woodland

  • Wildflower meadows

  • Lawns

  • Wildlife corridors

  • Ponds and water features

  • Vegetable plots

  • Orchards

  • Greenhouse/Polytunnel

Creating a design with an overall theme and character that runs through these areas ensuring continuity is often where the real challenge lies.
Acorn Landscapes have received 2 National Awards in the design and build category for medium sized gardens.