Large Gardens

These are generally gardens with an area of over 1 acre and are often the most challenging but also the most rewarding Gardens.
They require extensive planning and their construction is often undertaken in phases to allow the various elements to be carried out in the appropriate seasons i.e., Tree planting over the Winter months, Shrubs and Perennials in late Spring, and lawning in the Summer.

Dividing the garden into the following specific areas all becomes possible when the space allows:

  • sunken seating areas

  • raised patios and paved areas

  • Screen and retaining walls

  • Shrub beds with ornamental planting

  • Specimen tree planting

  • Native woodland

  • Wildflower meadows

  • Lawns

  • Wildlife corridors

  • Ponds and water features

  • Vegetable plots

  • Orchards

  • Greenhouse/Polytunnel

Acorn Landscapes have undertaken a number of large gardens and received a Gold Award for the design and construction of a large garden in 2017.